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Please enjoy this FREE hypnosis recordings for Releasing Anxiety and Prioritizing Self-Care, created by Self Reliance Hypnotherapy LLC, for the benefit of both clients and the public. Although this recording is significantly shorter than a private, paid sessions, the style and messaging is representative of our work.


While listening to this recording, you will enter a state of deep relaxation where you can let go of any anxious thoughts or feelings that may be weighing you down. You are in control at all times, and you can choose to accept or reject any suggestions given to you.


Taking care of yourself is important, and it's okay to prioritize your well-being. Self-care is a personal journey, and it may take time to find the strategies that work best for you. Be patient with yourself, and remember that self-care is a continuous practice that requires ongoing attention and effort.

FREE GIFT - Release Anxiety and Prioritize Self-Care

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