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Testimonials & Success Stories 

If you are ever hesitant to try hypnotherapy, here are a couple of real testimonials from some of my clients. Always grateful to receive positive feedback and extremely happy to see people thrive. Please note that we will not post your review or testimonial without your consent, as we also believe that your privacy comes first. 

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hypnosis psychology

Ellen M.

Weight Loss Success 

Amy is talented and an exceptional listener. She definitely made a difference in my life.

Rita T.

Hypnotherapy Success

I highly recommend Amy! Professional, patient and very effective. I was doubtful of using a virtual platform, but apparently it works!

Natalie T.

Weight Loss Success 

I'm new to hypnotherapy and am so impressed with the effects my sessions have had on my day to day life. Amy is professional, experienced and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!

- Jennifer M.

Weight Loss Success 

A friend recommended hypnosis to lose weight. I have tried a lot of fad diets with no success. The first appointment made me feel stronger and in control. I've lost 11lbs in one month.

- Karen R.

Stress Management Challanges

Thank you, Amy! The stress management/relaxation sessions helped IMMENSELY! These sessions continue to support me when dealing with everyday obstacles (my job, children, life), in a calm and clear manner.  Her extensive knowledge and genuine passion for helping others, made me feel very comfortable. I strongly recommend stress management sessions!!!

- Deb B.

Struggling With Self-Confidence

I originally went to increase my Self Confidence. After the 1st session, I felt such a sense of peace, that I went back to see her for a weight "release" session. I have "released" and kept off 37lbs since 2015. 

- Ray C.

Relax More

Just want to say a huge thank you, Amy, for the first session we have now completed. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never had hypnotherapy before. I was amazed at the results of my first session, the calming effect last for almost a week. I look forward to future sessions with you, knowing that I would be a step further forward on my journey of relaxing more.

- Mike K.

Stressful Sales Job

I had never been hypnotized before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Amy explained everything and answered my questions after the session. The tone of her voice was soothing and trusting. At the end, I felt so refreshed, motivated and confident which carried over into my sales job. 

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