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Service Highlights

We understand that everyone is different, and deserves custom, carefully-designed hypnosis programs tailored specifically to their needs


Combines two very powerful healing therapies

Hypnotherapy related to desired change

Reiki, rebalance the body's energy


Weight Management

Release weight

Boredom, snacking and/or emotional eating

Exercise motivation

Healthy eating

Emotional health

Smoking Cessation

Motivation to quit

Coping strategies

Habit change

Building self-worth

Stress Management

Feel empowered and in control

Learn to stay calm and relaxed

Create different thoughts

Relieve Anxiety

Learn how to deeply relax

Focused attention

Identify emotions

Reprogram responses

Professional Advancement

Concentration and memory improvement

Confidence, interview, and auditions

Athletic and Sports enhancement

Sales achievement

Motivation and procrastination

Public Speaking

Change negative thinking patterns

Stay in control

Gain confidence in your abilities

Reduce the fight or flight response

Self Confidence

Reprogram your beliefs and set goals for success

Improve Self-image

Increase self-confidence

Pain Management

Reframe pain


Enhance the efficacy of other well-established treatments


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