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What is forgiveness and who is it for?

Forgiveness is a willingness to drop the narrative on a particular injustice, to stop telling ourselves over and over again the story of what happened. Forgiveness means that we relinquish the idea that we can create a different/better past. Ultimately, it's a decision to let go of the past. Allowing us to direct our attention to the present moment. Choosing to offer ourselves LOVE and with it, FREEDOM.

This guided Forgiveness & Healing hypnosis will allow you to bring to mind someone whom you have harmed or who has harmed you, either intentionally or unintentionally. Bringing to mind someone where it feels unresolved or burdensome for you. Whether they are in your conscious mind or buried within the subconscious. See who comes to mind.

It's best not to force yourself to forgive that which you do not feel ready or safe to forgive at this time. Simply acknowledge whatever comes up for you with a non-judgmental attitude, as much as you can. Let whatever emotions arise come and go. Go at your own pace.

Forgiveness & Healing Hypnosis

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