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Sugar is such a hard substance to stop eating because it does have these addictive qualities to it. When we eat it, it causes feel-good hormones to release from our brains - dopamine. This floods our system which gives us this little hit. This hit feels good, and it is like an electrical current going off in our brains that drives us to want more and more of this substance. Not only does it give us this psychological and chemical high, but it also gives a physical high in that it tastes good. We often think it's about willpower, that we need to abstain – but I will tell you now, willpower has nothing to do with it. Just like any other addiction, abstaining is not always the answer, nor is it possible. This is where food differs so much from drugs or alcohol. You can abstain from drugs and alcohol, you don't need them to live, but sugar is hidden in so many of our foods and we need food to live.This hypnosis is designed to help you reduce your cravings for sugar through subconscious, subliminal and direct hypnosis methods.

Breaking Free From Sugar Addiction

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