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Hypnosis is a safe, fast, and effective way to provide lasting behavioral change for self-empowerment and personal growth. 

Health does not exist as a singular concept. It is an integration of various aspects. The four important components of well-being are interconnected. This makes it vital to engage with well-being from a holistic perspective. Holistic well-being includes body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The human body is interconnected; our physical body depends on our mental state and vice versa.

Hypnotherapy utilizes hypnosis as a method of opening up the subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind is opened, through deep relaxation techniques,  two things can occur: the removal of old, unhealthy thoughts and the replacement of them with new powerful, healthy thoughts.




Combines the power of two ancient healing treatments.

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Weight Release

It STARTS in your head with a decision!



Customized to your needs


Private Group

Group session with those who share a similar goal

My passion and purpose is to help guide people in healing whatever holds them back from fully living.

I work extensively with clients to help them understand the root cause of whatever problem they are facing so they gain more clarity and have a sense of awareness. I can help you change the limiting beliefs, negative feelings, and unwanted behaviors that cause you unpleasant reality experiences and prevent you from achieving what you want in life.

I continue to learn not only as a teacher, but also as a student. 

It all starts in your head with a decision!


Questions and answers about hypnosis

What is hypnosis?

What is hypnotherapy?

What is Hypno-Reiki?

How can it help me?

What is hypnotherapy like and what can I expect?

What is the role of the hypnotherapist?

What does hypnosis fee like?

How do you put people into hypnosis?

Will I go to Sleep?

Will I be under someone else's control?

Can I get stuck?

Why don't more people use hypnosis?

Do you accept insurance?

Is hypnotherapy confidential?


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What Clients Say

Karin N.

If I could only have found Amy years ago! What began as a completely successful session to change my eating habits, became the beginning of a chain reaction of change, which led to releasing stress, which in turn, ended up restoring my neck which had caused me pain for years, and because of that, restoring my singing voice, which had slowly disappeared over the years. Until that session I never would have imagined that what I always thought were physical problems, were in reality caused by stress. Releasing stress, regained a wonderful quality of life. Thank you Amy!