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Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a natural and relaxing process to help you overcome and improve areas you've been challenged in and help you live a happier, more successful life. Results vary and are different for each individual. Everyone's life experiences are different and unique. Your success will be contingent upon a variety of issues such as your ability to follow instructions, follow through and cooperation. You understand that the success of your hypnosis sessions depends greatly on your own ability to relax and desire to create change in yourself. You understand that because the results of your sessions depend greatly upon your own serious participation, that Amy Cunningham, Self Reliance Hypnotherapy LLC, cannot offer any guarantee of the success of your treatment.

You understand Amy Cunningham, Self Reliance Hypnotherapy LLC, offers NO money back guarantees. Hypnotherapy is not designed to be a replacement for medical assistance. If you are need of medical assistance, please contact your appropriate medical or psychiatric professional.

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